Right of withdrawal

Purchases on our site are regulated by Lgs. Decree n.206 of 06/09/2005, (Consumer Code) and D.Lgs n. 21 del 21/02/2014 which also dictates the modalities to exercise the right of withdrawal from the contract when delivery of goods is made at the buyer’s domicile, this because the purchases are completed outside the seller’s premises. In compliance with the art. 60 of the above mentioned Decree Law, we wish to draw customer’s attention to what is stated in the legislative provisions in Title III, chapter I, section II –III –IV,  of which we report, for convenience, a summary concerning the procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal.

What does this right consist in?
The consumer is entitled to withdraw from the contract within 14 working days from receipt of the goods returning in perfect integrity the product which is object of the withdrawal, to the seller, who will refund the price of the items returned. To notice that in case of prize operations or promotional sales combined, in which the purchase of a product is associated with another product that is sold at a derisory price (or even given as a gift), the right of withdrawal will be legitimately exercised with the return of both goods of purchase (given that the second product is deemed a promotional accessory to the first product).

Who can apply for the right of withdrawal?
Community Legislation provides that the right of withdrawal can be exercised only by natural persons (consumers) acting for purposes that are not related to their business. The right of withdrawal, therefore, can not be exercised by legal persons and natural persons acting for purposes related to their business, to trade or anyhow concerning their profession. Excluded from the right of withdrawal are also purchases made by retailers or by people who, in any way, buy for reselling to third parties, namely users who have entered their Vat number in the registration form.

What is excluded?
According to the Legislative Decree 206/05, the right of withdrawal can not be exercised to the following contracts:
- supply of audio-visual products, or computer software which were all sealed and that have been opened by the consumer.
- products not available at the supplier and bought expressly on specific order of the consumer.
- supply of products packed on demand of the consumer or clearly personalized and that, because of their nature, can not be returned or risk to deteriorate quickly.
- supply of goods and services whose price depends on fluctuations of the rates of the financial market that the supplier is not able to control.
Attention, please! To protect our customers, for reasons of hygiene and public health, we cannot accept in any case, returns of items intended to come into contact with the intimate parts of the person, (for example: briefs, bodysuits, fishnet body stockings, fishnet rompers, swimsuits, two-piece swimsuits, monokini etc.) If a packing composed of several pieces, contains an item intended for being in contact with intimate parts, properly sealed separately, it will be possible to replace or return the item only and exclusively if the package of this last one has not been opened by the customer. Removal or damage of the packing and/or the one of the “seal of integrity guarantee”, put to protect the product, cancels without exception the right of withdrawal or replacement. Besides it is not possible to return products which for the nature of their materials, undergo changes, if worn, for their adaptability to the person. (Latex garments, stockings, fishnet items, and similar ones). The return of such items is only possible if the item has not been worn nor tried-on.

How can I exercise the right of withdrawal?
The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending, within the set terms, above mentioned (on penalty of forfeiture of rights), a written communication by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt (A/R) which states the intention to withdraw from the contract concluded.
Such notice must be addressed directly to the following address:

CORINNE DI C.F. - Via XXV Aprile 179/6 - 10042 Nichelino (TO).

The communication can also be sent, within the same period, by e-mail or fax, provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within the following 48 hours. The letter is deemed sent in useful time if delivered to the accepting post office within the term of 14 days already mentioned. It is advisable to contact the Customer Service in advance communicating the following documents and data:
• order or invoice number and delivery date.
• code and description of the goods purchased.
• Bank details for the refund transfer (holder name, Bank Name, IBAN- International Bank Account Number).
The Customer Service will inform you about the procedure to follow for opening the practice of withdrawal, and will also give you all information you may need and the number assigned to the goods which should be returned.
The procedure is summarized as follows:
Sending a written notice containing signed statement of intent to exercise the right of withdrawal, specifying all data requested, your order number, and what products must be rescinded from the contract ( by identifying them with the article code), as well as the Bank details for the refund.

How can I ship the goods to be returned?
1. After activating the practice of withdrawal it is necessary to insert the original packaging, containing the goods, in another appropriate packaging in order to protect the original packaging of the products from any damage, writing or alteration. Corinne of C.F. reserves the right to refuse the goods received if the above procedure has not been respected.
2. Pin on the outer casing of packages shipped, in visible location, the number of the return communicated by the customer service.
3. Send goods at your own expenses within 14 days from the date of receipt of goods. Parcels sent freight collect will be rejected.
Attention: We recommend to ship the goods by choosing couriers or other means of transport enabled to the traceability of the shipment. It will not be possible any refund of the goods, object of the right of withdrawal if, for any reason, we do not receive their delivery.

How long does the transfer for the return take?
Very soon and anyhow, no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of goods. Intimo Corinne will credit the customer’s account with the amount corresponding to the value of the returned goods, excluding shipping expenses which are charged to the customer.

It is an essential condition, laid down in Art. 67, paragraph 2 of the legislation above mentioned, that goods are returned intact and, therefore, in perfect conditions, in their own original packaging which must also be intact , it as well. We will not accept in any case return of products that:
1) do not contain intact and original packaging.
2) have been used, washed or anyhow returned in conditions different from those of delivery.
3) result to be damaged owing to neglicence or to an appropriate use of the customer. (the control phase of the goods and packaging is video footage to settle any dispute).
4) have been made without following the procedures laid down by law. In case of doubts, we suggest to contact the Customer Service.
In such cases the transport costs concerning the return of the goods which have not been accepted, will be charged to the customer.
To exercise the right of withdrawal for orders over 50 Euro, and you 'must inform us of his decision to withdraw from this contract by an unequivocal statement (eg a letter sent by mail, fax or email). To this end can 'use (not obligatorily) the withdrawal form downloadable here, returning it filled in all its parts. Our data for the sending of the notice are as follows:

Corinne di C.F.
Via XXV Aprile 179/6
10042 Nichelino (TO)

Tel. 011 35.81.442
Fax 011 35.83.567
Email: info@intimocorinne.com

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