Goods are packed in box or anonymous envelope, without any external indication regarding its contents.The sender turns out to be simply “C.F."

The sales document contains the data required for tax purposes, but it is placed inside the package, so nobody can know its contents. Shipments are made with transport services (by express courier) which do not need any external packing list, therefore the contents are unknown even to whom will deliver you the goods.

The customers’ personal data are kept, according to the terms indicated by the law on privacy, at the provider’s server for the provision of services offered to registered users and at the Company’s computer system for accounting. They are also communicated to the shipping service but only those restricted to name, surname and address for the delivery.
Beyond these cases, our customers’ data will NEVER be communicated to third parties, neither in individual nor in collective form.
E-mails lists of our customers will never be released to anyone.
You will never be contacted by us except during the execution of the order and only for reasons strictly related to the purchase made.
You will never receive advertising from us, nor requests for purchasing. Besides you will never be sent e-mails to inform you about updating of products unless specifically requested, by adhering to the registration of our newsletters.

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