Privacy Policy

Intimo Moda Corinne pays great attention to your privacy and confidentiality. All pages that provide for the inclusion of your personal data and passwords are protected by COMODO SSL LIMITED CA certificate that guarantees secure communication through encryption up to 256-bit and 2048-bit encryption key.
Official text are in italian, but we  provide an unofficial translation of the most important topics for better  understanding.
In respect with italian law (DLgs 196/2003) regulating the  acquiring, handling, storage and disclosure of personal data, we hereby inform  you that our organization might be in possesion and will be in possession of  some data regarding you and/or your organization for the purpose of the correct  handling of purchase orders you place with us.
We will handle fiscal and personal data acquired verbally, in  writing or from our internet site, that are deeemed necessary for delivery,  shipping and correctly handling your orders and for fiscal purposes. We will not  acquire informations such as political or sexual orientation, race, religion,  medical or any other data deemed to be sensitive.
Iternally your data will be handled by our administrators,  clerks and office personel for the purpose of correctly processing your  orders.
Abovementioned data will not be disclosed to any external  subjects under any circumstances exept:
- Law enforcment personel and agencies if properly  authorized;
- External organizations for the purpose of handling the  delivery, such as couriers, postal workers, or freight forwarders;
- Custom  officials if applicable;
- External accountants or auditors or other  professionals within the limits of their specific duties.
You have the right to ask for the obliteration of your data by simply  sending such request to the general director by phone # +, or  fax # +
Following such request we will though be unable to  process any other purchase order from you and your organization.

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